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Mary Jane MartinHi! My name is Mary Jane Martin and I created the brand ORREN because I, personally, could not find a set of scrubs that I felt good in, looked good in, and also aided in my performance as a medical professional. I have practiced medicine as an Anesthesiology PA for 12 years in and around Savannah, Georgia. One day while I was sitting at my desk (aka the anesthesia machine) listening to a surgeon ask if the nurse could turn the air down because he was sweating - it suddenly occurred to me that he, and all of us, were wearing scrubs that were not at ALL conducive to temperature changes and environments of a hospital. We medical professionals are active people - we play an active role in the medical needs of all patients we come in contact with. Light bulb - why on earth aren’t we all wearing scrubs that enhance that role instead of hinder it! You probably see where I’m going with this….ACTIVEWEAR!

I know my routine after a long day of work is to go home, toss the scrubs asap, and put on comfortable athletic wear. So, I decided I wanted a garment that cut out the middle man.  Is it such a novel idea to be comfortable all day long while tending to and putting the needs of others before our own?

So what is ORREN? It is actually a family name on my mom’s side. Durward Orren was my grandfather and we had a very special bond.  This is my tribute to him because he told me, “If you don’t like it, go change it!” He always knew I would rise to a challenge. So here’s to you, Paw Paw.

My vision for ORREN has been to incorporate the most advanced fabric technology and fiber innovation to revitalize the scrub so we can finally look and feel like professionals.

ORREN started out as an idea. After mentioning it to some of my colleagues, I discovered I was not the only one who was discouraged by the current scrub market.  After months and months of research, fabric testing and prototypes, I finally had a product that was my vision in the physical form.

I received my first shipment in July of 2017 and immediately began organizing the warehouse (my bonus room) and selling (out of my Tahoe).  For someone who has spent their career in medicine it has been a steep learning curve - but actually FUN! It’s definitely a game-changer when you’re selling a product that you’re excited and passionate about! The first round of production was exactly what I wanted and completely flawless….Not at all. But it was a start.  It was the bare minimum I could produce because I knew I wanted feedback and changes would be made to the design. I only wanted to hear what people did NOT like. For the first few months it was anesthesia by day and ORREN by night. I received a lot of great suggestions that I was able to implement in the second round of production - that is now really testing the limits of the ‘warehouse.’ Moving boxes, anyone?

Based on the response to ORREN, It quickly became apparent that it would not reach the level or potential that I envisioned with the amount of time I was dedicating to it.  Next came the tough and scary question - the moment when you’re standing on the cliff and asking yourself, ‘Do I jump and take the leap of faith? What if I fall flat on my face?!’ I knew two things - One, ORREN needed 100% of my attention; Two, I would regret it if I did not try.

So I put my day job on the back burner and dove in head first.

ORREN has come a long way in 2 years.  We have reached over 20 states (including Hawaii!) and gone as far as Australia. This website started out as an informational site that is now full fledged e-commerce with social media stores. The founder ( was featured in a local magazine for ‘Successful Women in Business.’  We are full steam ahead!

Oh, I forgot to mention my lazy secretary who does nothing but sleep on the job  - my golden retriever, Bimini. 


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