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ORREN Steps Forward

ORREN Steps Forward
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Two years ago, I saw a need in the market for a comfortable yet stylish scrub, where medical professionals would feel good and look good. After lots of discussion with colleagues and friends in the medical community, I developed the concept for ORREN. Since those early days, I’ve been evolving the fabric, the design, the cut and feel of ORREN wear. Based upon the ecstatic reviews and comments from my customers - I know without a doubt I’ve got it right. My vision is to revitalize the scrub so we can finally look and feel like professionals - and that vision is stepping forward.

Today, I’m moving past selling from the trunk of my car. ORREN is stepping out with it’s own e-commerce store at, it’s own Facebook page with an integrated e-commerce store at, even shopping right from Instagram at

This is just the beginning for ORREN. As you, our customers, tell me what you want and need in active medical wear, I will continue listening and innovating ORREN. Just like it has been from the beginning, we will continue to be a customer-driven company even as it grows and expands.

ORREN was born out of YOUR desire for something comfortable, stylish and professional in medical wear.  Help ORREN continue to grow and evolve with your participation. Show us how and where you rock your ORREN scrubs and tag your Instagram posts with #ORRENanywhere.

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